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Atp Science Noway Chocolate Mousse

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Atp Science Noway Chocolate Mousse

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Enjoy a decadent, dessert-inspired treat that will help you reach your body goals, with the Noway Collagen Mousse by ATP Science. Snack time will never be the same again! With delicious flavours ready to be made, you’ll love this protein mousse that gives you a healthy dose of joint-loving, beauty-boosting collagen.

Traditional mousse is full of processed sugars and fats, with almost no protein. The Noway Collagen Mousse by ATP Science has virtually no fat, is very low in carbs and has practically no sugar! Plus, at only 78 calories per serve, you’ll be able to enjoy it easily as part of your healthy eating program, leaving out the guilt.

With 16.16g of protein sourced from Bodybalance collagen protein, you’ll have a formula that assists your muscle repair and recovery and helps keep your bones and joints healthy. Plus, with the nourishing collagen peptides, you’ll be giving love to your hair, skin and nails too! What is there not to love? Full of flavour and good for you, Noway Collagen Mousse by ATP Science is a no brainer for a healthy lifestyle.

Designed by German scientists and made in Brazil, this gut-friendly formula is made without the irritating lactose or casein commonly found in protein snacks. You’ll love the fluffy, airy texture that gives pleasure to your taste buds and fuel for your muscles!

When you have Noway Collagen Mousse by ATP Science, you’ll:
Enjoy a healthy collagen treat that is packed with 16g of protein
Support muscle growth and repair
Have a gut-friendly snack
Support the health of your bones, joints, tendons and ligaments
Have a way to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
Enjoy a low fat, low carb and almost no sugar treat
Find no dairy, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours!
Love this guilt-free treat you can have any time you like
All you need to do is add your chosen milk and follow the instructions on your packet of Noway Collagen Mousse by ATP Science! In each box you’ll find ten mousse sachets, ready for you to devour any time of the day!

In each Noway Collagen Mousse by ATP Science, you’ll find:
325 kJ
78 Cal
16.16g of Protein
0.13g of Fat
0.08g of Saturated Fat
2.64g of Carbohydrate
0.35g of Sugars
0.54g of Dietary Fibre
42.4mg of Sodium
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